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    Editing the Pledge Amount of an Existing Pledge

    In This Article:

      You may change the total pledge amount after the pledge has already been saved.

      1. Open the desired pledge and select the Details button.                                                              

      2. Edit the Total Pledge Amount.                                                                                                

      3. If there have been no installments made toward this pledge you may choose the Distribute Unpaid

        button to have DonorPro recalculate the pledge installments based on the new amount.

      4. If there have already been installments made toward the pledge you may need to manually edit at least one of the pledge installments or add an additional installment so that the installment amounts equal the new pledge amount.

      5. To edit an existing installment, confirm that you have selected the Details button and can see a list of installments.

      6. You will know that you need to edit or add an installment when there is an amount in red next to the Amount Due Sum. If the amount is a negative number then you will need to increase the installments by the listed amount. If the amount in red is a positive amount then you will need to decrease the installment by the listed amount.                                                                                                 

      7. Select the desired pledge installment from the list and choose the Edit button.                                  

      8. An Installment Details window opens. Make the appropriate changes and then choose Ok.

      1. To add an installment, choose the Add button from the Pledge Details window.

      2. An Installment Details window opens. Select the Calendar icon, choose the drop down arrow next to the month and select the desired month or use the up or down spin buttons to move to the appropriate month. Highlight the year and type the desired year or select the up or down spin buttons to move to the appropriate year. Select the appropriate day. Choose OK.

      3. Enter the Amount Due and then select the OK button.

      4. Select the OK button in the lower right corner of the Pledge Details window.

      5. Select the Save button in the donation screen and then select the Close button in the upper right corner of the donation window.

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