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    Reversing a Donation

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      On the Donation screen, a Reversal button allows you to undo a donation, while maintaining a transaction history for the Finance Export. Upon choosing to reverse a donation, a new debit transaction record will be created to balance out the original credit record. This allows your external finance software to accurately reflect how much money is in each fund in DonorPro.

      1. You may access the donation you wish to reverse through the Donation Record in a constituent’s file or by searching for a donation.

      2. The Reverse button is located next to the Delete button on the donation record.                           

      3. Select Reverse.

      4. The Reverse Donation dialog box opens. This box warns you that other records linked to this donation in the database will be deleted. You are also able to enter a Reversal Reason.                                

      5. Select OK.

      6. The Donation Re-entry dialog box opens. Choose if you would like to copy the donation you are reversing. This provides an easy way to copy all of the donation information over so that it can be resubmitted with the corrected fields.                                                                                        

      7. If you select Yes a donation screen opens with the donation information populated, yet you can modify the record as needed.

      8. Save the donation when completed.

      NOTE: Reverse Donations can be queried with a Reversed Donation Query type in the Advanced Query Wizard. From this query type, you may query on the basic information of any donations in the system that have been reversed. With this feature, you may track which users have made the reversals, and when the reversals were made. Using a Donation Type Query, you can include the Available Field Replaced Reversal ID, which will list the Donation ID number of the original donation which was reversed.

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