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    Donation Notes - General Donation Notes

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      1. Notes pertaining to a constituent’s donation may be added in this tab. Select the Add Note button located in the lower right corner of the screen.                                                                  

      2. Select the Purpose drop down arrow and select the purpose for the note.                               

      3. You can record the date and time of the note as well as the time spent recording information.

      4. In the blank section of the dialog box, type the note and then select the Save button.

      5. To open an existing note, double click on the note or select the note and then choose the Edit Note button. If changes are made to the note, you must select the Save button again.

      6. At any time during editing, you may choose the Cancel button to revert back to the original data.

      7. To print a note, open it as directed above, and then choose the Print button in the lower left corner of the Note window.

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