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    Donation Profile

    In This Article:

      The Donation Profile is a report about a constituent and donation history. This report gives you a quick overview to the constituent’s contact information, biographical information, relations and donations. You can also choose whether or not to include constituent notes. This profile can be viewed, easily printed, saved, copied or viewed in your browser.                                                                       

      1. From a constituent’s Donation Node, select the Donation Profile tab.

      2. Use the scroll buttons along the right side of the window to view the rest of the information.

      3. An Include Constituent Notes checkbox
        is available. Uncheck this box so that the constituent notes will not display in the profile.

      4. If any options or information has been changed in this session, select the Refresh button to update the profile.

      5. View in Browser, Copy, Save, and Print buttons are available in the lower right corner of this panel.

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