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    Creating a Thank You Letter Template

    In This Article:

      1. From the main menu, select Manage.

      2. Highlight Documents and then select Word Processor.                                                      

      3. The Word Processor screen will be displayed. You can either type your new letter or open an existing Thank You Letter Template and edit it. To open an existing template, go to File and Open. On the Document search window, click the search button to see ALL of your letter templates. Select the appropriate letter to open the Thank You Letter Template. Note: The Word Processor will automatically open your last document the next time you launch the Word Processor.

      4. The toolbar in the Word Processor is similar to the one used in Microsoft Office. See the list below for other commands available from the Word Processor toolbar. New Document

      Standard controls such as undo, redo, cut, and paste are also available either through the Edit menu or through standard keyboard commands such as Ctrl A (Select All), Ctrl X (Cut), Ctrl C (Copy),
      Ctrl V (Paste), Ctrl Z (Undo) and Ctrl Y (Redo).

      Other options available from the toolbar are View as Text, View as HTML, and Default Margin.

      View as Text is the default option for the Word Processor. This will display the document as standard text.

      View as HTML allows you to program in HTML to create a document that can be viewed as a web page in a browser.

      Default Margin allows you to set the page margins for this document.

      1. You may insert an image into your document. Place your cursor in the letter where you would like the image to appear. Go to the Word Processor menu bar, select Format then Insert Image. Note: You must format (size, crop, etc.) your image before you insert it into the letter. The Word Processor does not currently support formatting images.                                                               

      2. After inserting the image select the Save button to save the changes to your letter.

      3. In order to merge information from the donations into your Thank You letter, you will need to use the placeholder/variable names included in the table at the end of this section. For example, to include the amount of the donation in your thank you letter, the template would state:

        Thank you for your kind gift of {{Donation Amount}}.

        NOTE: When using the salutation variables, Thank You Letter Templates (Form letters) will by default, use the Salutation Override information. For more information on Configurable Salutations, please refer to the Constituent section of this manual.

        TIP: A list of available placeholder/variable names can be found at the end of this section.

      4. When finished, select the Save As button in order to save the document with a new name.

      5. The Description dialog box opens. Enter a description; choose RTF or Plain text for the format in which this document should be saved, and then select the OK button.                                    

      NOTE: You can only open rich text format (.RTF) or text (.TXT) files in DonorPro’s Word Processor. These file types are listed as Text Document in DonorPro. If you have a letter in a word document you would like to use in DonorPro, you must first copy and save the letter into Notepad and then copy it into DonorPro.

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