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    Adding a New Thank You Letter Template to the Donation Screen

    In This Article:

      The first step in creating a Form Letter or doing a Mail Merge is to create your template document. Once your template has been created, you must use the configuration screen to define what type of template it is. This will make the template available to you on the appropriate DonorPro screens. For example, Thank You document templates will be available in the Thank You letter field on the Donation screen after the template is defined as a ‘Donation’ type.

      After you have created a Thank You Document Template, as per the steps in the previous section, follow the instructions below to define what ‘type’ of template it is:

      1. From the main menu select Manage and then Configuration.

      2. The Configuration window will be open. Select Form Letters from the Configuration Explorer.

      3. The right panel will change to display the Form Letters List Configuration. 

      4. Select the Add Form Letter to Screen button.

        NOTE: You can also Edit or Delete Form Letters. The edit option is for editing the description of the Form Letter or the type. It does not allow editing to the content of the document. To edit the text of the document, go to the Word Processor and open the document for editing.

      1. Type a Name for the Form Letter, and press the Tab key. The Name you enter here is the name that shows up in the dropdown list on the screen type you will select in the next step.    

      2. Select the Type of Form Letter. The Type, such as Donation or Receipt, etc., tells DonorPro on which screen or field to display this Form Letter. You will need to repeat steps 4-6 if you wish a letter to be available on multiple screens.

        If you select a Type of Receipt, you will have the option to select if the receipt is Tax Deductible or Non-Tax Deductible. If you choose something other than Receipt, this option will be inactive.

        Please see the Configuration Section of this manual for information on configuring Receipts.

        TIP: Some screens within DonorPro provide quick access to Form Letters by using drop down lists. The Donation screen is one example. On this screen, you can select letters that are specifically for donations. The different Thank You letters are examples that display on the Donation screen. The Acknowledgment and Honor Postcard letters are specific to the Acknowledgment Wizard available on the Tools menu (not available using The Solicitation, Event and General letters are

        specific to the Donation Statistics Wizard.

      3. By default, the Display on Dropdown checkbox is selected. This option allows you to choose whether or not a letter appears on the dropdown list of the corresponding screen. If you have outdated form letters that are causing your Thank You letter lists to grow too long, you can ‘remove’ an existing Form Letter from this list.

        To ‘remove’ an existing letter from a dropdown list, highlight the appropriate letter and either double-click or select the Edit Form Letter/Screen Link button. When the Edit Form Letter/Screen Link window opens, uncheck the Display on Dropdown option and Save this change. The next time you open the screen where the letter used to appear, it will no longer be in the dropdown list.                                                                                             

      4. The Delivery Method option lets you select if the document is going to be used for standard mail (Mail) or as an E-Thank You (Email). NOTE: E Thank Yous can only be generated using

      5. Once you have selected Mail as the Delivery Method, you can now select the document you wish to use as this form letter. Choose the Select Document button and the Document Search screen will be displayed.

      6. Place your cursor in the Description field and type the Name of the document you stored in the Word Processor. You must also select the proper Document Type. (The image below demonstrates searching for the document created in the previous section. The document, Donation Thank You Letter January 2010, had been stored in the database as a .doc file.)       

      11. Select Search.

      NOTE: Wildcards are supported, but not assumed, therefore if you wish to find all documents that have a name beginning with the letter T type T*.

      12. Double click on the desired document. That document name now appears on the ‘Add Form Letter to Screen’ pop-up window.

      13. Press Save. Your document is now a Form Letter and is displayed in the list of Form Letters on the selected screen.

      14. The image to the right shows the document, January 2010 TY (highlighted in blue), as being an option in the dropdown list of the Letter field on the donation screen and having been set for standard mail.       

      NOTE: The image above shows the documents available on the donation screen. The document type (Mail or Email from the Delivery Method option described above) is designated with either a Print icon which indicates standard mail or with the Email icon , indicating that the selected document is meant to be emailed to the donor.

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