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    Scan Images

    In This Article:

      DonorPro enables you to scan images into the database and select existing images from other sources on your computer. DonorPro’s Word Processor now includes support for JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP image files.

      1. From the main menu select Manage.

      2. Highlight Documents and then Scan Images.

      3. The Image Scanning window opens.

      4. Choose the Scan, Scan with Options, or Scan from File button. Scan or Scan with Options buttons should be used if the document is not already saved somewhere on your computer. Scanning an image with Options allows you to scan an image to your DonorPro database. However, first DonorPro will open your scanner software to allow you to select scanning options, such as invoking auto crop, resolution, etc. If you have previously configured your scanner, such that your defaults are auto crop, etc., then typically you would select Scan and not Scan with Options in DonorPro. Choose the Scan from File button if the image has previously been saved on your computer.

        NOTE: A scanner must be connected to your computer in order to scan new images into DonorPro.

      5. If Scan or Scan with Options is selected, once the image has been scanned, choose the color option with which you wish to save the document. Your options are black and white, greyscale or full color .

        NOTE: Saving images as black and white or greyscale saves space in your database as well as speeds up retrieval. Color files are larger and therefore take more space and more time to open.

      6. If Scan from File is selected, the Open dialog box appears. Browse to the location where the document or image is stored and then select Open. The image is displayed in the lower portion of the screen.

      7. The Slider allows you to zoom in or zoom out on the document. You are able to move it by clicking on the line with your mouse or by dragging the arrow across the line. Select the location of the Slider that works best for you.

      8. Type a Description.                                       

      1. Enter the Received Date.

      2. Select the Batch button to associate the document with a Batch. All documents must be assigned to a Batch. The Batch Search dialog box opens. To find the desired Batch, follow the instructions in Searching for an Existing Batch in the Donations section of this documentation.

      3. Select Save, if this is the only document you have to scan. If you have additional documents to scan, select Save and New. If this is a document that you wish to save with another document such as a note with a check, select Save With. A pop-up box will be displayed asking for the document with which you would like to save this document.

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