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    Open's Word Processor Configuration

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      Note: You will not be able to access the word processor if you log in using the ‘Admin’ ID. Since each user can configure the word processing options to their preference, if you select, you will need to specify the location of on your system. As users typically work on their own computer, some PC and some MAC, the path specified will vary for each user.

      DonorPro gives each user the ability to configure their user options to use the built-in word processor, or to download and use the word processor. Users will be able to switch back and forth between the built-in and word processors.

      Prior to working with the word processor, you will need to configure your word processing options. To set up your word processing option, from the main DonorPro menu select Tools > Options > Word Processing. On this screen, select Use Word Processor and Spreadsheet Software and select the Save button.   

      If you need to download, you can do that directly from this screen by selecting the Download button.

      IMPORTANT TO NOTE: After you install, you MUST launch it from the desktop (not from within DonorPro) and fill out the first-time user popup screens.

      If already exists on your system, select the Locate button to specify the location of on your computer. As you are specifying the location of on your own system, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE WORD PROCESSOR IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN WITH THE ‘ADMIN’ ID, you MUST use your own DonorPro log in ID and Password.

      On this screen, you will need to select the Specify Temporary Directory button to select a temporary directory. If you do not select a temporary directory, DonorPro will create/store files in your ‘My Documents’ folder. Note: The documents you create using are stored on your hard drive, even after you save them to DonorPro. They are not temporary files, just stored in a Temporary Directory.

      You are also able to specify your preferred default font for new word processing documents and label printing. The font you select using the Default Word Processing Font will be used in both DonorPro’s built- in word processor, and for documents. This font will also be used as the default for DonorPro’s built-in Label Printing screens.

      Once you have configured the word processor within DonorPro, you are ready to start creating your thank you documents!

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