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    Entering Labels Manually

    In This Article:

      When selecting Enter Manually you're telling DonorPro that you wish to enter all the names and addresses for labels by typing the information. You can also select Enter Manually after you have run a query. To enter your label information manually, follow the steps below.

      NOTE: Any modifications made to the information will not be stored permanently in your database. If you wish to make permanent modifications, open the constituent record and make the appropriate edits.

      1. Select the Number of Copies field and type the Number of Copies you wish to generate. Press Tab.

      2. Type the name of the person for whom you wish to generate a mailing label, exactly as you want it to appear on the label. Type the Street Address, City, State and ZIP code of this person. Press Enter.

      3. Press Enter again to insert a blank line between labels.

        NOTE: A blank line indicates to DonorPro that you wish to start a new label. If you wish to print nametags simply press Enter twice after entering a name.

      4. Follow steps 2 and 3 for each person for whom you wish to generate a mailing label. Select OK.

        NOTE: If you later find that you need to modify one of the labels, you can select Enter Manually again and modify the specific label. However, DonorPro does NOT permanently store the information entered manually, therefore once you leave the Label Printing screen all information entered manually will be deleted.

      5. If you would like your labels to print in all capital letters check the Use Uppercase checkbox.

      6. Your default printer has been selected for you, if you wish to change the printer, de-select the Use Default checkbox and press Printers.                                                                     

      7. Select the printer you wish to use from the drop down box, verify the number of copies of labels you wish to print, and select OK.

      8. The default font, SansSerif, is selected. De-select the Use Default checkbox if you wish to change the font and the Select Font screen will be displayed.

      9. Select the font Name, Size, Style, and Color. Select OK.

      10. Select the label Stock that you will be using.
        NOTE: DonorPro supports most commercially available labels. If your labels are not Avery brand labels, check the instructions on the label packaging for the comparable Avery label number.

      11. If you wish to print USPS POSTNET barcodes on your labels check the Include Barcode checkbox. NOTE: POSTNET barcodes have not undergone certification by the USPS.                     

      12. If you are printing envelopes, check the Include Return Address checkbox. DonorPro will prompt you to enter the return address. Type your Organization’s Name and Address as you would like it to appear on the envelope. Press OK.

      1. On the right side of your screen is a preview of what your labels will look like when printed. You can navigate through the pages by selecting either the left or right arrows.

      2. If you want to start the label printing on a label other than the first label on the sheet, edit the number in the Start At box. The preview will reflect the change.                                     

      1. If you want to center the text on the labels, check the Center Text checkbox.

      2. The Show Print Options checkbox will, when selected, prompt the Print Dialog window to open, then the Page Set Up dialog window will open. On this window, you are able to select the source of the envelopes or labels; if you need to place something in the printer manually, select Manual.

      3. The last step is to print your labels. DonorPro provides three options for printing:

        1. The first button allows you to print all pages,

        2. The second or middle button will print the current page that you are viewing,

        3. The third button will print forward from the page you are currently viewing, so that if for some reason your print job does not complete, such as a paper jam, you can go to the first page that has not printed and select Print Remaining Pages and DonorPro will print the remaining pages.

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