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    Using the Online Help Feature

    In This Article:

      DonorPro has an easy to use the online help feature to assist you with the functions of DonorPro. There are multiple ways to access the help feature within DonorPro.

      1. Choose Help and then Online Help from the main menu. Alternatively, you may select the Help button from the main toolbar.    

      2. The main help window opens within your web browser. 

      3. By default, the Contents list appears in the left panel. Select the Book Image next to the desired main topic to see a list of sub categories. Whenever you see the image of a book it means these lists can be expanded to reveal more information.                                                                      

      4. Click on the appropriate topic. The help file associated with that choice will be displayed on the right side of the screen.                                                                  

      5. Choose the Previous Topic hyperlink at the top of the right side help panel or the Back button in the web browser’s toolbar to go back to the previous help screen if needed.

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