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    Finance Summary Report

    In This Article:

      Before you can begin working with Campaigns, Appeals, or Donations, at least one Fund must be defined.

      The Finance Summary Report contains information on the value of each Campaign, Appeal, and Fund, as well as gifts that have not been assigned to a Campaign or Appeal. The report is based on the dates you select. The hyperlinks associated with the Campaigns, Appeals and Funds allow you to click and view the individual’s record or gift.

      1. From the main menu select Reports.

      2. Highlight Gifts and then select Finance Summary.

      3. The Finance Summary screen will be displayed.                                                       

      4. Select the Time Frame for which you would like to view the report.

      5. The Title will pre-fill with your Organization's Name. If you wish to change the Title for this report, you may do so by placing your cursor in the Title field and typing a new title. If you wish to permanently change the Title of all reports, see Configuration.

      6. Type a Sub-Title for your report. (Optional)

      7. Include Links is pre-selected. De-select the box if you do not want links to the supporting data.            

      NOTE: Campaign, Appeal or Fund will appear as hyperlinks. To access the supporting screen so that you may view the details included in your report simply click the hyperlink. If you need to see the details of a specific Donation, you can highlight the specific Donation, press Enter and that donation will open. Alternately, you may double click on the specific donation and it will open.

      1. Select whether to sort by Name, Description, Count or Amount.

      2. If you wish to limit the Campaigns, Appeals, or Funds that are included in this report, choose the Filter button.

      3. In the Select Items window, choose the items you wish to be included in this report and then select the OK button and select the Refresh button.

      4. You can then view, save, copy or print the report as necessary.

      NOTE: The Finance Summary Report includes all gifts made during the selected time frame. If a pledge donation was made it will be reflected with the inclusion of pledge payments only. The Finance Summary Report will not display the pledges themselves, only those which have payments made towards them.

      To include or exclude gifts-in-kind, from the main menu go to Manage and then Configuration. On the General tab you will need to check the Exclude Gift In Kind from Summary Reports if you wish to not include them in the Finance Summary Report or deselect the checkbox if you wish to include them on the report.

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