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    Pledge Drive Report

    In This Article:

      The Pledge Drive Report contains information on the pledges made for each Campaign and/or Appeal. The report shows a summary of all Campaigns and Appeals with the total amount pledged, amount received, write off amount, amount due, pledge count and installment count. The lower half of the report lists detailed pledged information by year and month.

      1. From the main menu select Reports.

      2. Highlight Gifts, and then select Pledge Drive.

      3. The Pledge Drive Report screen will be displayed.                                                    

      4. You may choose to Show Donor Details, Show Solicitor and Include Links.

      5. To filter by a particular campaign, choose the Filter button and select the desired Campaign, Appeal or Fund.

      6. If you chose specific Campaigns or Appeals, select Refresh.

      7. Once you have completed your report you may save, copy, view or print the report.

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