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    Solicitation Report

    In This Article:

      The Solicitation Report allows you to quickly run a report based on the Solicitor/Solicitee Reciprocal Relationship you define in a constituent’s record, when entering a Solicitor to a donation record or when entering a constituent into a Cultivation Phase. This report will instantly show you solicitors’ relationships and the type and amount of donations made from each solicitors’ solicitees.

      Prior to running the Solicitation Report you will want to set the Solicitor/Solicitee Reciprocal Relationship between appropriate constituents. NOTE: These relationships are also automatically set when you enter a constituent into a Cultivation Phase or if you enter a Solicitor on a donation record.

      1. To set the Solicitor/Solicitee Reciprocal Relationship for a specific constituent, open the constituent’s record to whom you would like to add a solicitor.                                        

      2. Then select the Relations button located in the Constituent Explorer. When the Relationships panel opens, select the Add Link button. The Add Link window appears.

      3. Choose the Constituent and then choose the Relationship of Solicitor from the drop down list of available relationships. The Reciprocate with “Solicitee” checkbox is selected by default.

      NOTE: In order for the Solicitation Report to work as expected, you must leave the “Reciprocate with Solicitor” or the “Reciprocate with Solicitee” box checked as the Solicitation Report information is defined by this relationship.

      4. Select OK and Save. Confirm the relationship is set properly by referring to the Important Note at the bottom of the panel. In the example below Joseph Gerardo has been added as the Solicitor of Darrell Coles. 

      NOTE: If you wish to delete a Solicitor/Solicitee Reciprocal Relationship you will need to delete it from both constituent records. The following window will appear when you choose to delete a reciprocal relationship: 

      Once you have defined Solicitor/Solicitee Reciprocal Relationships within your database you are able to run the Solicitation Report.

      1. To open the Solicitation Report select Reports > Gifts > Solicitation from the main menu.

      2. The Solicitation Report window opens.

      3. The timeframe of the Solicitation Report is based on the gift received date. Select the timeframe by choosing one of the radio buttons and selecting the Go button. If you would like to specify a different timeframe, you may select the From/To radio button and enter the specific date range for which you are looking. 

      4. The Title field is automatically populated with your company’s name which you entered in DonorPro by selecting Manage > Configuration > General tab panel; you may also edit the Title field. You may add a Subtitle to your report.

      5. Once you have specified your timeframe and edited the Title and Subtitle as necessary, select the Refresh button to return the Solicitation Report data.                                 

      The Solicitation Report returns a list of all constituents marked as a solicitor, the people who have been designated as their solicitees, their solicitees contact information, the List As name on the donations, the donations the solicitees have made, the type, date and Fund name of the donation. The Donations Sub-total (highlighted in light blue) is the sub-total for each individual solicited.

      NOTE: This sub-total includes donations, pledge payments, gifts in kind and matching payments; it does not include original pledges or soft credits.

      The solicitees’ names are hyperlinks which allow you to select their name and instantly view their constituent record. The donation amounts of the solicitees are also hyperlinks, allowing you to select the amount of the gift and instantly view that specific donation record.

      Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you are able to view the report in your browser, copy the report to the clipboard, save the report or print the report.

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