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    Advanced Query Wizard

    In This Article:

      Queries are a way of filtering data in your database. They allow you to extract information based on applied criteria. The extracted data can then be used for many purposes such as, creating mailing labels, assigning constituents to a group, or purging records from the database.

      There are four options upon opening the Advanced Query Wizard screen. These options are:

      1. Create new query allows you to define the type of query you need to run based on the information you need to report. Types include constituent, donation, volunteer and more. All types are listed on the left side of the screen under Query Type.

      2. Open existing query definition: Opens a query previously built for edits or to run again with the current version of your database.

      3. View the results of a previous query: Allows you to view the results of a previously saved query. Note: This option does not re-run the query, therefore any changes that have been made to your database, such as new donations, updated address, etc. will not be reflected in the results. If you wish to view updated data, select Open existing query definition and run the query again.

      4. Open another data source offers three options for running queries.

        • Pre-populated: Available only when Advanced Queries is accessed from another screen, such as the Donor Detail, SYBUNT or LYBUNT report screens.

        • Open existing comma-delimited file: Allows you to open any .csv file in DonorPro. This allows you to use the features on the last Advanced Query Wizard screen – such as Label Printing – without importing the information into DonorPro. The field names must be the same as the DonorPro field names. Please refer to the File, Data Sync, Import screen for the list of field names.

          Open pre-defined script: Allows you to run a script that was created for you by the DonorPro Customer Care team. This allows you to run custom queries that may not be possible or practical to run using other Advanced Query options. Please contact the DonorPro Customer Care team for more details on this feature.

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