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    Built-In Word Processor

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      Mail merging in DonorPro is similar to mail merging with Microsoft Word and Excel. The letter templates are created with the built-in DonorPro word processor and the list of people to receive the letter is created with the DonorPro advanced query wizard. As described below, you will follow a simple process to create letters in DonorPro:

      1. Create your letter template. The letter template will contain the content of your letter and ‘placeholders/variables’ for the data that will be merged into the template. For example, your letter template will have a placeholder/variable for the donor’s name such as:                                                                                                       Typically, the above ‘placeholder/variable’ would insert the name in this format as Mr. Smith, however if you have entered information into the fields on the Salutation Override window on the main constituent page, the override information will replace, or override, DonorPro’s ‘Smart’ information.

      2. Create the list of people that will be merged into the letter template. For general solicitations, you’ll create a list of people to receive the solicitation through the advanced query wizard. For donation thank you letters, the Batch wizard will provide you with the names of people who have donated but have not received a thank you letter.

      3. Merge the data into the letters and send. DonorPro makes it easy for you to merge your list of people onto a letter template.

      There are three types of letter templates that you can create in DonorPro. Each type of letter template has its own wizard so that you can easily merge constituent information into the template. The letter template types are:

      1. Donation Thank You Templates: DonorPro supports an unlimited number of Donation Thank You Templates. DonorPro makes it easy to send individual thank you letters as you enter each donation or to generate a large number of thank you letters for an entire batch. Only Donation Thank You Templates can be used to send Thank You letters through the DonorPro Donation screens.

      2. Acknowledgment Letter Templates: When your organization receives a gift in memory of someone, you will want to notify the surviving spouse or other family members. The Acknowledgment Wizard allows you to generate these letters easily. Only Acknowledgment Letter Templates can be used to send acknowledgment letters through the Acknowledgment wizard.

      3. General Mail Merge Templates: You will use the Mail Merge Wizard to send a large mailing or email.

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