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    Creating an Acknowledgment Letter Template

    In This Article:

      NOTE:Letters for the Acknowledgment Wizard must be generated using the Built-In Word Processor.

      Creating an Acknowledgment Letter Template is similar to creating a Thank You Letter Template. The following section describes how to create and send Acknowledgment letters through DonorPro. The steps for creating an Acknowledgment Letter are the same three steps used for creating a Thank You Letter template. Create the Acknowledgment letter template, assign a Letter Template Type to the new template and finally, populate the letter template with the appropriate information using the Acknowledgment Wizard and send the letter.

      1. From the main menu, select Manage.                                                                      

      2. Highlight Documents and then select Word Processor.

      3. The Word Processor screen will be displayed. You can either type a new letter or open an existing example Acknowledgment Letter Template and edit it. To open an existing example, go to File and Open.

      4. On the Document search window, click the search button to see ALL of your letter templates. The Acknowledgment example will be displayed with the Description of Acknowledgment. The Acknowledgment letter example is included in DonorPro for your use.                 

        Note: The Word Processor will automatically open your last document the next time you launch the Word Processor.

      5. Once you have opened the letter you can edit it to make it applicable to your organization’s needs.

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