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    Creating a Mail Merge from a New Query

    In This Article:

      1. Open the Word Processor by choosing Manage, Documents and then Word Processor from the main menu.                                                                                                             

      2. Choose Query Wizard and then Display Mail Merge Wizard from the word processor menu.

      3. The Mail Merge wizard panel opens on the right side of the screen. Select the Open or Run a Query button.                                                                                                           

      4. The Query Wizard launches.

      5. Select the Create new query option at the top of the Query Wizard window.                            

        NOTE: Please refer to the Advanced Query Wizard section of the previous chapter, Reports, within the User’s Manual for more information on running a query.

      6. Once you have completed your query, select the Finish button.

        NOTE: If you are creating a new query through the Word Processor, you will not be able to save the query. If this is a query you will be using regularly, you may want to create the query in Advanced Query Wizard first, save it and then open it while in the Word Processor.

      7. The Query Wizard closes. There is now a count of returned records listed in the Mail Merge panel. 

      8. Select the Next button in the lower right corner of the screen.

      9. At this point you may open an existing file or use the blank document that is displayed. If you need a new blank document, choose File and then New from the main menu. To open an existing document, choose File, Open, browse to the location of the desired document, select it, and then select the Open button.

      10. Type or edit your letter. Select the Next button.

      NOTE: Select the Back button to go back one step in the Wizard if you make a mistake.

      11.Continue as you did in the previous section, Creating a Mail Merge from an Existing or Previously Run Query, Steps 14 – 21.

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