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    Accessing’s Word Processor within DonorPro

    In This Article:

      1. From the main menu, select Manage > Documents > Word Processor.

      2. The word processing screen will open and display an Options dropdown field listing six options. Each option is documented below.

      Create and store a new Document: Allows you to store a temporary copy of the document you are creating on your hard drive.

      Store a Document that is on my hard drive: Allows you to open an existing document on your hard drive or network and save it to the database.

      Open or delete an existing Document: Allows you to open or delete an existing document from the DonorPro database.

      Run a Mail Merge: Allows you to create a mail merge using the word processor.

      Open DonorPro’s built-in Word Processor: Allows you to switch to DonorPro’s built-in word processor without leaving the current window.

      Close this Window: Word Processor closes.

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