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    Using the Thank You Document Template

    In This Article:

      After creating a new Thank You Document Template and configuring it to appear in the Letter field on the Donation screen, you are ready to use it to thank your donors. The exercise below briefly demonstrates how to use the Thank You Document Template. For additional instructions on processing gifts and sending thank you letters, see the Donations section of this manual.

      To use the Thank You Letter Template you created:

      1. Select the New Donation icon on the toolbar.

      2. Complete the donation record as necessary.

      3. Select your new Thank You Letter Template from the Thank You drop down box.

      NOTE: If the email documents appear greyed out and inactive, that indicates that the selected donor does not have an email address on their constituent record. If a constituent has multiple email addresses on their record, by default, the email is sent to the Primary email address.

      4. Click the Preview Letter button to see the thank you letter.

      If you select a Mail document to preview, it will open immediately in If you make any changes to the document and save it in, the next time you go to view the document, a Personalization Confirmation window will open. This alerts you to the fact that this document has been personalized and gives you the option to remove the personalization. The personalization occurs only on this donation record; it does not change the template document.

      If you select an Email document to preview, and it has an attachment to the email as well, you will be able to select if you would like to preview the email or the attachment. Save the changes, and the next time you open the document, a Personalization Confirmation will open.

      Any personalization made occurs only on this donation record; it does not change the template document. Be sure to save the changes using the Save icon in AND using the Save button on the donation screen.

      5. Once you have previewed the document and made any necessary changes, select the Print or Email button. The document will print out or be emailed to the donor. Once the document has been printed or sent, the Sent field will automatically populate.

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