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    Form Letters: Adding a New Thank You Document Template for Receipts

    In This Article:

      Receipts are tax-receipts for the donor and can be sent in addition to a thank you letter or email thank you. The Receipt field is used in the same manner as the Letter field. You will need to create the receipts as form letters and identify them as a receipt type. Please see the previous sections regarding Thank You Document Templates.

      When you select a Type of Receipt, you will have the option to select if the receipt is Tax Deductible or Non-Tax Deductible. Designating a Receipt as Tax Deductible or Non-Tax Deductible will indicate to DonorPro from which corresponding numeric range on the Receipts tab to pull the Receipt number. If you choose something other than Receipt, this option will be inactive.

      Please see the Configuration Section of this manual for information on configuring Receipts.

      If you choose to select a receipt for the donation, when you Save the donation, a Receipt Number appears next to the Receipt Sent field. This is a unique ID number, similar to the Donation ID on each donation record.

      NOTE: You are able to query on this information, as there is a specific query for Receipt Sequence IDs. In the results of the query, the Available Field Action lists one of these three action types: Delete (indicating this donation was previously deleted), New (indicating this as a new donation) and Reverse (indicating that this donation was reversed).

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