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    Storing a Document from your Hard Drive to DonorPro

    In This Article:

      The integration of DonorPro and allows you to store a document from your hard drive directly to DonorPro. ‘aligns’ with Microsoft Office’s “Word” which means that any I-14

      formatting in your letter will ‘carry over’ to Font and margin formatting, even pictures you have inserted will appear as expected in

      1. From the Word Processor screen, select the Store a Document that is on my hard drive option.   

      2. Choose the Select File Name button.                                                                                          

      3. A dialog box will open, allowing you to search for the document you wish to store in DonorPro. Highlight the desired document and select the Open button. The document will open in an pop-up window as a read-only document. This is to allow you to view the document prior to storing it in the database.                                           

      4. Close the pop-up window and select the Save to Database button.         

      5. The Save Document window opens. Enter the name of the document and select OK.               

      1. The timestamp and description of this document appear to the right of the ‘Save to Database’ button. Once you have saved this document to the database, if you have other documents you would like to store to DonorPro, you are able to select the Select File Name button again to store other documents.

      2. This document is now available within the database and accessible through the word processor.

        Note: Documents created using the built-in word processor ARE available in the word processor. Documents stored or created using ARE NOT available in the built-in word processor.

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