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    Opening an Existing Document in DonorPro

    In This Article:

      This option allows you to edit or delete a document that exists in DonorPro.

      1. From the Word Processor screen, select the Open or delete an existing Document option.

      2. The Document Search window opens. You are able to search in several ways, please note that the Document Type field allows you to search for all available document types (rtf, text, html and doc) between the built-in word processor and the word processor.

      NOTE: This search screen also allows you to search specifically for Form Letters.

      3. Double-click the letter you would like to open. The name displays to the right of the Open button and the letter opens in an window.

      The window will open but will be minimized and appear in your display bar.

      Using will allow the document to retain the same formatting that you had used when you originally created the letter. The example below was originally created in Microsoft Office’s Word.   

      4. Once you have modified the document, Save the document in

      5. Next, return to the DonorPro word processor screen. Here you have the option to Save the modified document using the same document name or Save As if you would like to save the document in the database with a different name.               

      6. Once you save the document, the timestamp and document name will appear next to the Save or Save As button.                                                                                             

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