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    Mailings History

    In This Article:

      The mailing folders you have created during mail merges capture the history of mailings. You are able to view the constituents, or history, within a mailing folder.

      1. To view the history, or recorded constituents within a specific mailing, from the main menu of DonorPro, select Manage > Documents > Mailings.

      2. The Mail Merge search window opens.

      3. You can search by mailing Name or by using the Search button to return a list of all recorded mailings. 

      4. To view the details of a specific mailing, highlight the mailing and use the Select button, or double- click on the mailing.

      5. The mailing details window opens. This window allows you to view all constituents who received the selected mailing. You can see if it was a print mail merge or email merge, the time the mailing was printed or emailed, email address and Address Line 1, Zip and Master.

      The ‘Master’ column indicates a constituent as being the main constituent to which the mailing was sent. For example, if you chose to de-duplicate the mailing based on Address Line 1, and you had constituents listed at the same address, the Master column indicates to whom the mailing was sent.

      6. This screen allows you to filter on a specific constituent, delete the history of a constituent or delete ALL of the history (in case the mailing was sent in error) or delete the mailing folder.

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