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    De-Duplication Information for Email

    In This Article:

      If you decide to check the "or Spouse ID" checkbox in the Email Merge Options pop-up window, it will only impact another row in the file that has the corresponding Spouse ID.

      For example Joe and Sally are married. Joe’s Constituent ID is 1 and Sally’s Constituent ID is 2:

      A) If you ONLY select the option "One per Constituent ID", then an email will be sent to AND

      B) If you select "One per Constituent ID" AND "or Spouse ID", then only 1 email is sent, and that is to

      This is because when DonorPro gets to the second row, it sees Constituent ID = 2, and then checks all previous rows for values in both Constituent ID and Spouse ID columns to look for a match. DonorPro sees a match of in the first row.

      C) If you select only "One per Email Address", then two emails will be sent, one each to AND one to

      D) If you select "One per Constituent ID" and "One per Email", two emails will be sent, 1 each to AND

      E) If you select "One per Constituent ID", "or Spouse ID" and "One per Email", only one email is sent, and that is sent to the first email address, among related spouses, that DonorPro encounters, in this example,

      Constituent ID

      Email Address

      Spouse ID

      Spouse Email





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