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    Emailing a Constituent

    In This Article:

      IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to sending emails through DonorPro, you must configure your email setup by accessing Manage > Configuration. Please refer to the Configuration and Security section of this manual for more information.

      1. From the main Constituent Information page, highlight the email address to which you wish to send an email. Then, with the email address highlighted, select the Send Email box located underneath the Contacts panel.                                                                                                           

      2. The Email window opens.                                                                         

      3. To Cc other constituents select the Cc button. The Constituent Search window appears. Search for the constituent you want to copy on the email. Double-click on the name of the constituent you wish to add. You are automatically directed back to the Email window and the Cc field is populated with the chosen constituent’s email address. Use the above steps to Blind Copy constituents.

      4. Fill in a subject for your email.

      5. You may choose to save the email as a note in the constituent’s note file. The Create Constituent Note checkbox is selected by default. If you do not wish to save the email as a note, simply uncheck the box. Select a Purpose from the dropdown box. This Purpose will be stored with the note in the Notes node of the constituent’s file.

      6. An Attach button allows you to attach documents to your email. You may select any file from your
        computer or network, a file from the
        Documents Node of the selected constituent’s Constituent
        or any document stored on the DonorPro Database (accessed by using the Manage, Documents, Search Documents popup window). You may attach multiple files to one email. You may remove or view each file by selecting the hyperlink to the right of the Attach button.                    

      7. Enter the text of your email. When finished send your email. You may choose to Send from DonorPro or Send from Outlook.

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