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    Copying or Converting Forms

    In This Article:

      Converting a form is useful when you have created an updated form with more fields than the original form and you want to change the keywords used for filtering. Converting the form allows you to update all of the instances of the form throughout your database, otherwise some constituents will have Form 1.0 and others will have Form 2.0. Therefore, all of the form data would not be able to be output in one query.

      If you need to create a newer version of an existing form or a form similar to an existing form DonorPro enables you to copy forms. There is no need to recreate the form.     

      1. In the Form Manager highlight the form you wish to copy and select the Copy button.

      2. The Form Designer window opens. Notice the title on the window starts with Form Designer: Copy of ... and the form details window displays Copy of...

      3. Select the Save As button. The Save As pop-up box appears. Choose how you would like to save the form.   

      4. The first option allows you to save the form to the server using a different name or version. Selecting OK prompts the Form Details box to open. Here you may change the title, version, etc. Select OK.

      5. The second option allows you to save the form locally to disk or other file media. Selecting OK opens your File Dialogue box. Select where you would like to save the form and select save. Note: Saving a form this way enables you to start creating a form and save it in your own files until you have completed it; alleviating confusion of partially completed files with other DonorPro users. To re-open this file go to the Form Manager, select Open Local File, select the form you wish to open (must be a DonorPro compatible form) and continue working on the form. Once you have finished designing the form you may then save to the server for other users to use.

      DonorPro allows you to convert two similar forms, such as “Test Form 1.0” and “Test Form 1.1”, but any form may be converted to any other form. The only requirement is that one or more field names on both forms match.

      1. In the Form Manager highlight the first form you wish to convert and select the Convert button.

      2. The Convert window opens.

      3. Select the form with which you wish to convert.                                                               

      4. You may choose to allow keywords and fields from one form to be dropped if they do not exist on the new form.

      5. The checkbox next to Retain a copy of the pre-converted “Test Form 1.0” form instances is automatically selected. It is suggested you allow this rule.

      6. Select OK. The Conversion Successful box will appear if the conversion worked. If the Conversion Failed box appears simply follow the suggestions and select ok.

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