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    Schedule Configuration

    In This Article:

      The Schedule feature in DonorPro allows you to schedule events, meetings, and visits. You are able to customize the event categories and event codes. NOTE: The events referred to are Schedule Events not Special Events. The Event Module for special events is available separately from the basic DonorPro database.

      1. From the main DonorPro menu choose Tools, Schedule, and Schedule Configuration. The schedule configuration screen opens, listing items for Personal Categories, Meeting Categories, Visit Categories and Event Codes.

      2. To add items to the categories or codes, select the appropriate Add button.

      3. Enter the desired item and then select the OK button.

      4. To edit an existing item, select the item from the list, choose the Edit button, make the appropriate change and select the OK button. Alternatively, you may double-click the item you wish to edit.

      5. To delete an existing item, select the item from the list, choose the Delete button. A warning opens. Choose OK to confirm the delete. Another box opens informing you from how many records that
        item has been removed. Select

      6. You must have at least one item listed in Event Codes in order to add a Sub Category to an event.

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