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    Add an Organization as a Constituent

    In This Article:

      To add an Organization Type record, open a new record as stated in the Adding an Individual Constituent article. 

      1. When the new record opens, click to select the Organization radio button.
      2. Select the Salutations button to configure specific salutations for the constituent. The Salutation Override window will open. If information is entered into these fields, Salsa CRM’s Smart Informal and Smart Formal salutations and Smart Addressee variables will use the information instead of the default information.
      3. In this window, enter salutations as you would like them to appear for this constituent.  If these fields are left blank, then the constituent name will appear as it does in the Default areas of the Salutation Override window.

        NOTE:  The Copy Overrides to Spouse checkbox and Spouse fields are inactive on organization type records.

      4. Enter the name of the Organization.
      5. Select an Organization Type. The Organization Type simply identifies the form of organization it is, Foundation, Corporation, School, etc.
      6. Organization screens have an Alias field.  This field enables you to enter an organization name the way you would typically search for the record within your organization.  In the example to the right, the Alias field will enable Salsa CRM to search on Acme and not just on “The.” When searching for an organization, both their Organization Name and Alias fields will be searched for a match. 
      7. The Tax ID Number field allows you to enter the tax information of the organization.
      8. Enter the name of the main contact in the Contact Name field. When populating the Contact Name field of an Organization record be sure to include Title, First Name, Last Name and Suffix.  The more completely you fill in this field the better Salsa CRM will be able to format formal salutations.
      9. Continue entering information as described in the Adding an Individual Constituent section.
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