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    Link a Donation to an Existing Pledge

    In This Article:

      When adding a new donation, if one or more outstanding pledges exists for the donor you were unaware of, you will be alerted by a popup message that an outstanding pledge or pledges exists.  You then have the ability to apply the donation toward paying off the pledge(s).

      1. Enter the desired information for the donation.  As soon as you select the donor for this donation a popup window will appear alerting you that this donor has an outstanding pledge or pledges.  If you would like to select an installment for this donation, select the Yes button.
      2. If the donation you are entering is not to be applied toward a pledge, select the No button and finish entering the donation as normal.  
      3. By choosing the Yes button, the Installment Search window appears allowing you to select the installment to which you would like to apply this payment.
      4. Double click the installment to which you would like to apply the donation.  The Installment Search window closes and the New Donation screen has been populated with the information contained within the installment record. NOTE: The same window will appear when you are entering a donation for a constituent who has an outstanding Matching Payment.
      5. Continue entering the appropriate donation information and choose the Save button.
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