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    Create a Fund, Campaign, or Appeal

    In This Article:

      Check out the Fund/Campaign/Appeal training course in Salsa Scholars.

      Funds represent how the gifts your supporters make should be distributed by Accounting. These should correspond to Income Accounts within the foundation's accounting structure, designated as Unrestricted or Restricted funds.

      For instance...

      • Golf Tournament registrations and gifts are earmarked for a scholarship.  Contributions are considered restricted dollars.
      • A donor used a Donor Advised Fund to send a check for a specific program to help women out of human trafficking situations. Those donations would be recognized as restricted funds.
      • A Capital Campaign is for a new gymnasium to be built, and donations are restricted funds only to be used to build the new gym.
      • Spring or fall letter appeals generate funds for payroll and expenses and are earmarked for the General Fund and those contributions are considered unrestricted funds. 

      Each campaign or appeal is independent of the Fund(s). Campaigns are large-scale fundraising events, such as a capital campaign when you are raising money for buildings, land, etc., or a Golf Tournament. These donations fund the activities of the foundation, or the Funds defined above.

      Appeals are individual activities within a Campaign, such as the 'Spring annual appeal letter' within the Annual Campaign, or 'Registrations' within the Golf Tournament, or a 'Buy a Brick' event for the Capital Campaign. Think of them as 'sub-campaigns'.

      To add a new Fund/Campaign/Appeal...

      1. Click Manage > Finances
      2. Click either Funds..., Campaigns..., or Appeals...
      3. The Search screen will be displayed. Click the Add button.
      4. The New Fund/Campaign/Appeal screen will be displayed. 
      5. Enter a Name and Description both should be at least 3 characters in length.  The Fund Name must be no more than 15 characters. The Description must be no more than 50 characters in length.
      6. If desired, type the monetary Goal of the fund.
      7. Enter the Start and End Dates. 
      8. The Fund Credit Account Name and Debit Account Name fields are to be used specifically with a Finance Export.  These fields align with the chart of accounts you have created in your financial software. 

        If you will be utilizing Salsa CRM’s Finance Export for Quickbooks, you will want to ensure the Credit Account and Debit Account Name fields contain the names of the corresponding accounts located in your chart of accounts.  You must enter the account names with colons between the main account and any sub-accounts. Do not use any spaces between the colons and account names, as this will create a new line item in your financial software.  

        The example shows the credit account entered in the following format: Perm. Restricted:Net Assets.

        IMPORTANT TO NOTE: To avoid creating duplicate accounts in your financial software, you will want to be sure these fields match exactly to those in your financial software.  Please refer to the Finance Export article for more information.
      9. If desired, select the Restricted checkbox for Funds only

        NOTE:  Selecting the Restricted checkbox will set a flag in your database to indicate if a fund is considered restricted or unrestricted money. The cash in a restricted fund should only be used for (is restricted to) whatever purposes the fund represents. For example, a scholarship account can only be used for scholarships, not for paying salaries.
      10. The 'This Fund/Campaign/Appeal is no longer active. Hide it as an option for new donations and other screens that list Fund/Campaign/Appeal' option may be selected once you are done accepting donations for this Fund/Campaign/Appeal.  By selecting this checkbox, the selected Fund/Campaign/Appeal will no longer appear on the donation screen.  This will keep your list of funds on the donation screen, from growing too long.  Only “active” funds will be displayed.
      11. Select Save.  The new Fund/Campaign/Appeal has been added to the system.
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