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    Configuration: Credit Card Payment Processing

    In This Article:

      If you would like to set up a Salsa Merchant Services account, please reach out to your Onboarding Manager to obtain the application, or send an email to the helpdesk.

      Once you have established an account with Merchant Services, you are ready to set the account as your payment gateway in Salsa CRM, via the General Configuration screen. 

      Upon account activation, our Customer Care Team will reach out to you to help configure Salsa CRM and to walk you through CardPointe. You will need your Live Merchant ID in order to configure Salsa CRM; our Customer Care Team will provide the necessary information for the other fields. For more information on setting up an account, please contact our Customer Care Team at 866-935-8281.  

      TIP:  If you DO NOT process credit cards through Salsa CRM, but do process credit cards offline through another merchant processor, the correct setting should be to Process Credit Cards Manually. This option allows you to Enter a Credit Card Donation Manually.

      Once you have established an account, you are ready to modify the General Configuration.  

      To configure credit card processing:

      1. Select Manage, Configuration and then the Credit Card tab at the top of the General Configuration screen.
      2. Select Merchant Services by clicking the radio button.

      Email Salsa Support for the necessary information for Test Merchant ID, Live ID, Live Password and Live Merchant ID. All of these pieces need to be entered to enable credit card transactions.

      The Currency field is to be set based on the currency type your account is configured to accept – either USD or CAD.

      The Does Business As field does not need to be completed unless you share a DPMS account with another organization.

      When selected the Prompt for CVV field will enable the CVV field on your online payment screen. This is for the standard donation form only. If you are a customer of our Web Services department, the form will be built accordingly.

      The Display E-Check Option should only be selected if your DPMS account is configured to accept E-Checks. If you are interested in offering this option to your donors, please reach out to our Customer Care Team for more information.

      Once configured, you can test your connection by using the Test Merchant Services Connection button.  Once tested, you will want to switch the Mode to Live and run a real transaction through the account.

      NOTE: You can only test the configuration when the Mode is set to Test.

      For more information on setting up Salsa CRM Merchant Services account please contact your Customer Care Team.

      • Test your connection by using the Test Merchant Services Configuration
      • Click the Preview Look and Feel button and it will open another tab in the Browser displaying the Web Donation page. This is the page donors will use to make donations. 

      Once you have set up your account, configured your web donation page and Credit Card configuration, you are now ready to accept and process web donations!  View the Web Donations Configuration article For configuration instructions. 

      For more information on processing credit card donations please refer to the Credit Cards Donations section.

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