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    Gifts Report: Pledge Reminder - Sending Pledge Reminder Letters

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      Salsa CRM makes it simple to send pledge reminder letters to your constituents – without running a query.

      1. Run the Pledge Reminder Report according to your needs.
      2. Once you have configured the report to your specifications, simply select the Mail Merge button at the bottom of the left-hand panel and the word processor screen will open.

      NOTE: When you select the Mail Merge button, the matching donation information is not included in the results.

      Select the appropriate letter for these recipients by using the Select Document button and continue as you would with a mail merge.

      For more information on running mail merge, please review the Mail Merge article. 

      The Pledge Installment Table includes the details of the original pledge and the Pledge Installment Table 2 includes the details of payments made and payments to be made.

      NOTE: These tables can only be used on documents that have been assigned as Form Letters to the donation screen AND are used on the original pledge record, not pledge payments.

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