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    Gifts Report: Cumulative Giving

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      The Cumulative Giving Report allows you to easily run a report based on the Giving Levels you configured in Salsa CRM.  This report will show the total amount of donations a donor has made within a specified time range and arrange those donors into those Giving Level categories you have defined.

      This report defines a donor as the constituent entered as primary Donor on a gift. Co-donors are not calculated in the report. List As Names of donations where users optionally select the Anonymous checkbox on the donation are not reported here. All donors are given credit with this report for their donations, if their identities were known. If the donor was completely anonymous, we recommend you assign those donations to an "Anonymous" constituent record.

      NOTE: Salsa CRM stores your giving level definitions but does not store which donors are members of any defined levels. These values cannot be queried outside of the Cumulative Giving report.

      1. To open the Cumulative Giving Report, select Reports, Gifts and then Cumulative Giving from the main menu. 
      2. The time frame of the Cumulative Giving Report is based on the gift received date. Select the time frame by choosing one of the radio buttons and selecting the Go button. If you would like to specify a different time frame, you may select the From/To radio button and enter the specific date range for which you are looking.
      3. The Title field is automatically populated with your company’s name which you entered on the configuration screen; you may also edit the Title field.  You may add a Subtitle to your report.
      4. Under the Title and Subtitle, you may select which options you would like to include or exclude in your report: Consolidate Spouses, Include Soft Credits, Include Donations, Include Pledges, Include Pledge Payments, Include Matching Payments and/or Include Deceased Constituents.   NOTE:  You must select one of the Include options in order to run the report.                                                                                     
      5. Filter—When selected, this button will open a pop-up window on which you can select from Campaigns, Appeals, Funds, Groups and Batches. You can choose to include any combination of those categories, or you can choose to Exclude values in any of those categories.Additional_Filters.png
      6. Once you have entered configured the report to your needs, select the Refresh button to return the Cumulative Giving Report data. Donors are returned in the corresponding categories that you created in the Giving Level tab under Configuration.  NOTE: If anyone falls outside of the Giving Levels you created, they will be returned in a Salsa CRM configured field, Others.
      7. To save the report, enter the file name in the text box at the bottom of the screen, select the file type from the drop-down menu (All Files, HTML, or Microsoft Excel Files.  Click the Save Report button.                                        

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