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    Mail Merge: Create From a New Query

    In This Article:

      1. Open the Word Processor by choosing Manage, Documents and then Word Processor from the main menu.
      2. From the Options menu, select Run a Mail Merge with additional options.  
      3. The Mail Merge Wizard panel opens on the right side of the screen.  Select the Open or Run a Query button.  The Query Wizardlaunches. Note: The wizard may open with a previous query shown, disregard those results and click the Run Query button to launch a new query.        
      4. Select the Create new query option at the top of the Query Wizard window. If you would like to use an existing query, please see the article, Creating a Mail Merge from an Existing or Previously Run Query.
      5. Once you have completed your query, select the Finish button.  NOTE:  If you are creating a new query through the Word Processor, you will not be able to save the query.  If this is a query you will be using regularly, you may want to create the query in Advanced Query Wizard first, save it and then open it while in the Word Processor.  
      6. The Query Wizard closes.  There is now a count of returned records listed in the Mail Merge panel.
      7. Click the Mailing button to name the mailing.  The Mailing pop-up appears.
                                                                                                                      Click Search to use an existing mailing or click Add to create a new mailing.  If you create a new mailing, the Add Mailing window displays in a new tab on the browser.  Enter the name and a description in the text fields.  Click SAVE. Close the browser tab.
      8. Click the Select Document button. The Document Search pop-up appears.  Enter search criteria to locate a saved document to use for the mail merge.  If you have not created a document for the mail merge, create it on you computer and add it to the Salsa CRM database.  For instructions please review the Creating and Adding Document Templates to Salsa CRM article.
      9. Click the Options button.  To select the options for File Format, Save to Database, and Household and Dedupliction Options, click to add a checkmark for the desired items.  Click OK when completed.
      10. Click Run Mail Merge.  If you did not select a document (as discussed in a prior step) - Salsa CRM responds with a pop-up stating document required.                                                                   
      11. A new tab opens on the browser.  From this screen you may View First, Last, View All, Edit, Log, Print and/or Print All.  The preview screens allows you to see the letter as it will be printed.

        Note:  If you edit a letter, the edit only applies to the individual letter, not to the entire list.  To modify the letter template, open the file on your computer, modify, save and then upload to Salsa CRM as discussed in the Creating & Adding Document Templates to Salsa CRM article. Once you have printed the letters, close the browser tab.
      12. Select the Close button on the Mail Merge screen.
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