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    Assign People to a Shift

    In This Article:

      Once you have configured your shifts you will need to assign people to fill these shifts. 

      1. To assign people to a shift, select the Assign button located on the Shift Scheduling
      2. The Shift Assignments window opens. Note: You are not able to make changes in the top half of the window.  To make changes to this shift you will need to select the Edit button from the Shift Scheduling
      3. Select the days of the week to assign people to the shift. When you choose Sunday, Monday, etc. the Constituent Search box will open.
      4. Once all of the necessary shift assignments have been assigned, select the Save You are now back at the Shift Scheduling window. 
      5. The Shifts section of the window displays the Location or Person of the shift, Position, Supervisor, Start and End times, and all of the days of the week.
      6. In the example, under Sunday, the numbers 6/8 reflect that six people have been assigned to this shift while eight people total are needed to fulfill the shift.
      7. Monday’s numbers of 5/5 reflect that shift requirements have been fulfilled. 
      8. Select Assign to add the names of people scheduled for this shift. 
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