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    Shift Configuration

    In This Article:

      The Schedule feature in Salsa CRM allows you to plan events, meetings, and visits.  You are able to customize the event categories and event codes.

      1. From the main Salsa CRM menu, choose Tools, Schedule and Shifts. 
      2. The Shift Scheduling window opens. This window displays any previously scheduled shifts. 
      3. The sliding filter at the top of the screen allows you to select the specific week’s shift you wish to view. The Previous 8 tab will take you to the previous eight weeks from which you can choose to view shifts, the Next 8 tab will take you to the upcoming eight weeks, and the Current tab will bring you back to the current week.  Use the sliding tab to select the specific week you would like to view. 
      4. You may search for a specific constituent who has been identified as the Location or Person for the shift by selecting the Location or Person You may also search for a particular group.  Both filters can be used in conjunction with each other.
      5. To add a shift, select the Add The Add Shift dialog box opens.
      6. Enter the location or person by selecting the Location or Person The Location or Person button allows you to select where (or with whom) this shift is to occur.  For example, if a shift was being added to occur at your satellite office, you would need to add that office in to Salsa CRM as a constituent.  Once added you would be able to select your satellite office as the location where the shift is to be held.  If the shift being added is for personal care services, you would select the person that the employee is to assist. 
      7. Select the Supervisor button to add a supervisor. This is a required step. 
      8. Type in the name of the position for the shift. In the example below, the position that will need to be filled is for the Night Staff team of employees at Kroger Pharmacy.
      9. Enter the dates and times the shift will occur.
      10. Enter the number of people needed for each day of the week on which this shift occurs.
      11. Select Save when you have entered all necessary information. You are taken back to the Shift Scheduling screen
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