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    Add a Schedule Event

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      To add a schedule event...

      1. Open the constituent record to which you would like to add an event.
      2. Select the Schedule node from the Constituent Explorer panel.
      3. The Event Schedule screen will open. Any previously scheduled events for the constituent will appear.  The events are color-coded, as shown at the bottom of the screen. 
      4. You can filter the events that you are viewing by selecting or deselecting the boxes at the top of the screen and then selecting Go. You may choose to filter on the event category and/or on a particular time period. You may also filter on Group type along with a specified time frame. 
      5. To add a personal event, select the Add Personal button on the bottom right of the screen.  
      6. The Add Event window will open prompting you to choose an event category and enter a description. Fill in the date and time of the event and add any additional notes to that event. Select Save.
      7. To add a meeting, select the Add Meeting.
      8. The Add Event window will open and you will add an event category, a description, and the date and time of the meeting.  
      9. Keep track of who will be invited to the meeting and the attendee type by selecting Add in the Attendees section. Add meeting location, directions, and additional notes if desired.  Select Save
      10. To add a visit, select the Add Visit
      11. The Add Event will open, which is identical to the meeting screen. Note: The Type options under the attendees section will change. 
      12. The next button on the bottom right of the screen is the Record Actuals This button will become available once an event has been selected and highlighted. This feature allows you to track the time for an event.  Once all information is filled in, select the Event Complete button to change the status of the event from “scheduled” to “completed.”    
      13. Select Cancel Event to cancel a certain event, Edit to change event information, or Delete in the bottom left hand corner to delete a scheduled event.
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