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    Log Off / Close Salsa CRM

    In This Article:

      The Log off command allows you to exit the Salsa CRM account without shutting down Salsa CRM.  If someone else needs to access Salsa CRM from the workstation, then they will need to log on with their own Salsa CRM user name and password.

      If you are going to be away from your desk, it is a good idea to log off of Salsa CRM before you leave.  If you close your browser, you will remain logged into Salsa CRM. It is recommended to Logout and then close your browser.  

      1. Click the Logout text (top right corner, near your username).
      2. The Salsa CRM Log in dialog box appears.  You will need to enter your user ID and Password again in order to access Salsa CRM.
      3. Close your browser.
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