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    User Access to Salsa CRM

    In This Article:

      Please see the Salsa Scholars User Access training course on how to log in.

      Logging In

      You will be able to login to your Salsa CRM database using your web browser from any computer that has an internet connection and an internet browser.

      Salsa CRM server addresses, or URLs, are in the format, where the ABCD represents your website domain. So if your organization is the Organization for International Change, and your website is, your Salsa CRM URL will be

      At first, only the admin login is defined for your organization, with a default password set up automatically and communicated to your organization by your Salsa implementation specialist. Once you use that login for the first time, you can define new users as you need.

      NOTE: If you see a "Forbidden" message show in your browser when you attempt to log in to Salsa CRM, edit your URL to read https://<sitename> and try again.

      PRO TIP: Since the system tags all data entry with who entered it (based on the user logged in) and when it was entered, everyone should have a unique login for Salsa CRM.

      Logging Out

      If you are going to be away from your desk, it is a good idea to logout of Salsa CRM before you leave.  If you close your browser, you will remain logged into Salsa CRM for a short period of time, so log out first.

      1. Click the Logout link (top right corner, near your username). The Salsa CRM Log in dialog box appears.  You will need to enter your user ID and Password again in order to access Salsa CRM.
      2. Close your browser.

      User Search

      Salsa CRM's User Search screen is primarily used for generating a Task for another user, however it also displays a list of constituents for whom user IDs have been created. Find users easily by navigating to the Tools > Tasks > Another's Tasks menu.

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