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    Contact the CRM Help Desk

    In This Article:

      The Salsa CRM Customer Care Team is available from 8 AM to 8 PM eastern time Monday through Friday, except major holidays and as noted on our Twitter alert site, @salsalabsops.

      Contact them by email directly without leaving what you're doing:

      1. Choose Help from the main menu and then select Help Desk and Send Request.
      2. The Help Desk Request Information window is displayed.                                                                 
      3. This window enables you to send an email directly to the Help Desk while being able to attach files. Enter your name, email address and phone number and complete the other fields as necessary. Please be sure to include a subject on your email.
      4. Select the type of request you are submitting by choosing one of the available buttons.
      5. Enter the text of your email.
      6. To attach a document (such as a screen capture), select the Browse button. Navigate to the folder and click to select the file. Click Open.  The file attaches to the Help Desk Request Information screen and will be included with your email. 
      7. Once you have completed your email to the Help Desk select the Submit button. 

      If you need to access Salsa CRM and have not completed your email select the Hide button.  This will hide the Help Desk Request Information box while you continue working.  Once you are ready to complete your email, from the main menu select Help > Help Desk > Send Request. The email you started to compose earlier will appear.

      You may also choose to clear the fields and tabs or clear the tabs only by selecting the Cancel or Clear buttons. 

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