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    USPS Barcode Use in Salsa CRM

    In This Article:

      The United State Postal Service Intelligent Mail Barcode is available for use in Salsa CRM.

      To use the US Postal Service Intelligent Mail Barcode, you must acquire a “Mailer ID” from the USPS, and determine the default Service Type you wish to use. If in doubt, use “301” for “Standard Mail with Basic Automation”. More details may be found by doing an internet search on “USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode”.

      1. Once you have your Mailer ID from the USPS, you will need to enter this information into Salsa CRM on the Manage > Configuration > USPS Barcode tab.

      NOTE: Printing USPS Intelligent Barcoding is only available when printing labels or envelopes from the Batch or from the Advanced Query Wizard. Tray codes are not available at this time. A USPS Barcode field can be found in all instances of the ‘Addresses’ and ‘Address’ Available Fields in the Advanced Query Wizard.


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