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    Set a Document as an E-Thank You

    In This Article:

      Once you have created the appropriate email content in your word processor, it is time to identify it as a Form Letter by selecting the Delivery Method of Email. Follow the steps in the article, Set a Letter as a Form Letter, and then follow the steps listed below.

      NOTE: As some supporters will most likely have their email client set to accept only text, it's best to use just simple text and no images to ensure that email recipients will be able to see the contents of your email. Email content must be in text or html format. Attachments must be in an rtf, text, html or doc format. 

      1. To set a document as an E-Thank You, select the Email option on the Delivery Method drop-down control.
        NOTE: The choice you make will be indicated on the Letter dropdown field on the Donation screen making it easy for other Salsa CRM users to recognize which letters are meant for email purposes. 
      1. When you select the Email option, you will notice the configuration of the pop-up window changes.
      2. Selecting the Select Email Content button allows you to choose which letter you would like to use as the text of the email. The Document Search screen will be displayed.
      3. Select the appropriate Document Type (text or html) for which you are looking.
      4. Place your cursor in the Description field and type the Name of the document you stored in the Word Processor or use any of the other filters as necessary.
      5. Select SearchNote, If you don’t know the exact name of the document, you may use the wildcard search to look for a document. As wildcards are supported, but not assumed, to find all documents that have a name beginning with the letter T type T*.
      1. Highlight the desired document and press Enter, or double-click the name of the document. The Name of the document will now appear on the Add Form Letter to Screen pop-up window. (The title of the document you select as the Email Content will appear in the Email Content column of the Form Letters list.)
      1. The Select Attachment button offers you the ability to choose an attachment for this email; this is optional. Follow the same steps listed above for Select Email Content. (The title of the document you select as the Attachment will display in the Description column of the Form Letters list.)
      1. Convert Attachment to PDF will convert the selected attachment into a PDF attachment. If you select this option, the corresponding checkbox in the PDF column of the Form Letter list will display a checkbox. 
      2. Populate the From Address, CC Address and, BCC Address accordingly. Enter an Email Subject for the subject line and an Attachment Name if necessary.
      3. Press Save.  Your document is now an E-Thank You Form Letter and is displayed in the list of Form Letters.
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