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    Configuration: Web Transactions

    In This Article:

      You can configure Salsa CRM’s Web Fund Names and create a custom confirmation Email that will be sent to web donors who have supplied an Email with their donation.

      The Fund Names that you display to your web-based donors are often not the same Fund Names that you use internally. This Configuration panel allows you to create a subset of Funds specifically for Web Donors. The values, which you create on the Web Fund Names list, will be displayed to Web Donors only.  These values are not linked with your internal fund names. You may add, edit, and delete them with no impact on internal funds.  Your internal fund names are displayed in the list at the right for reference.

      NOTE: These fund names are for the donor to choose how to direct their donation.  Choosing one of these funds does not deposit the donation directly into a bank account.

      1. To configure the Donation Web Page, click Manage, Configure, then from the Explorer menu (on the left side), select Web Transactions.
      2. Enter the label for the Donor Notes text box in the web donation web page. Leave blank if you do not want the Donor Notes text box to display. 
      • Suggestion – name the field so that your donors may provide information such as addresses for acknowledgement letters
      1. To add a Web Fund Name, choose the Add button.  This list will be viewable by donors on the Web Donations Web Page.                                                
      1. Type the desired Web Fund Name and then select the OK button.  The new Web Fund Name appears in the list for the donor to select.
      2. Place your cursor in the Confirmation Email CC Address text box and type the desired confirmation Email.
      3. Use the Insert Variable button to insert specific variables pertaining to theonline donation(s) in the Confirmation Email text box. NOTE: These variables are not configurable. 
      1. Click the Save button.
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