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    Add Recurring Batch Templates

    In This Article:

      Creating a Recurring Batch Template will allow you to quickly create Recurring Batches that contain pledges for which lump sum payments will pay off each pledge. Recurring Batch Templates are used to generate Recurring Payment Batches that contain a lump sum payment for a group of people. Payroll deductions and United Way payments are just two examples of how you might use Recurring Batches.

      1. Open a New Donation record.  Click the Batch button to add a new batch.  A new tab in the browser will open to create the new recurring batch template.  Enter the name of the new batch, select the Recurring Template as the Batch Type, Batch Status is Open, click Save.
      2. Continue entering the donation as you normally would, select Save and New to add other donations to this Recurring Batch Template.  NOTE: Keep in mind these are donations that will occur at the same time on a regular basis.  Any donations entered into this Recurring Template will become a part of a Recurring Batch where only one payment type can be entered.
      3. When you have entered the final donation into the Recurring Batch Template, select the Save button.
      4. The first time you need to enter the recurring payment for these donations, simply open the corresponding Recurring Template.  From Manage, select Batches and you can choose to search by Recurring Template type.  Choose the corresponding template from the results returned and double click on the Recurring Template you would like to copy into a Recurring Batch.

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