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    Make a Pledge Installment Payment through a Constituent's Record

    In This Article:

      There are two ways to pay a pledge installment. One way is to start entering a donation for that donor. If they have an unpaid pledge installment, you are prompted if the donation you are entering will be paying an installment.

      This article illustrates that you may go directly to the record of the constituent who made the original pledge and open the original pledge.  From there select the Make Installment button and enter the necessary information or you may use the following method:

      1. Open the New Donation screen and start entering the donation as you normally would.
      2. When you enter the name of a constituent who has an outstanding installment payment, you will see the Outstanding Pledge window appears.
      3. Select the Yes to select the installment you would like to pay with this donation.
      4. The Installment Search window opens.
      5. Highlight the installment you would like to pay by clicking on the appropriate installment once and selecting the Select button. You may also open the installment to be paid by double-clicking on the appropriate installment. 
      6. The installment information populates the appropriate fields on the donation screen.
      7. Review the information and select Save.  The donation has been applied to the initial pledge.
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