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    Add Constituents to Cultivation

    In This Article:

      Once you have defined Processes and Phases, you can start adding Constituents to each Process.

      1. There are four ways in which you can access the Cultivation screen:
        • Salsa CRM Main Menu: Access the Cultivation screen by clicking Manage > Cultivation > Cultivate from the main menu.
        • My Dashboard: Click the constituent's name listed in the Constituent To Do List widget to open the constituent's cultivation page.
        • Constituent Record: Expand the Cultivation widget at the bottom of the main constituent page. Click the +Add button to instantly start adding the constituent to a Cultivation process.
        • Constituent Explorer: Click the Cultivation node from the Constituent Explorer on the left.
      2. Click Add in the bottom right to start adding the selected constituent to a Cultivation process. The Cultivation screen opens.
      3. The Constituent is the person you want to “cultivate”; meaning, you wish to track the interactions (phases) through to your goal. Search for a constituent by typing the corresponding name in the Constituent Field or select the Constituent button. If you started with a constituent's record, then this name is already filled in.
      4. The Responsible Person, by default, is the user currently logged in to Salsa CRM. You may add others to the list of Responsible Constituents by selecting the Add button, the Add Responsible Constituents window appears. Search for the constituent and choose if he/she is to be assigned as a solicitor.

        When selecting the Responsible Person(s) you may want to select the Solicitor checkbox, which automatically creates a relationship of Solicitor/Solicitee between the responsible person selected as the Solicitor and the constituent being “cultivated”.
      5. Select the Process to which you would like to add a constituent.
      6. When you select the Process you will see the Phases defined for this Process automatically populate the Phase field.
      7. Continue adding information to this Constituent Phase by selecting the Process, Phase, Status and Status Reason of this Phase. 

        NOTE: The Process Complete checkbox should be selected only when the entire Process, not just the Phase, has been completed.
      1. The Next Action you need to take with this cultivated constituent, such as sending them an email or calling them, only enables once the Cultivation is edited for the first time. You may bypass this when adding a cultivation for the first time.
      2. The Start Date is automatically populated with today’s date; this will occur every time the phase is changed.  NOTE: When you change a phase, the phase you are changing from is stored in the Phase History tab.
      3. The Target End Date will automatically populate according to how you configured this phase. (Start Date PLUS the number of days/weeks/months/years you specified.)
      4. Enter the Target Amount, the amount of money you anticipate receiving at the end of this Process, if applicable to the Process.
      5. Actual End Date only enables when the Process Complete checkbox is checked and will automatically populate with today’s date. This should only be used in conjunction with the last Phase of the Process.
      6. Once the Process is complete you will enter the Actual Amount of money received in the Actual Amount field.
      7. Once you have added all of the information, select Save and you will be returned to the main Cultivation screen.
      8. After adding multiple Constituent Phases, the main Cultivation screen will show a list of all Constituent Phases added in Salsa CRM. To filter on these Constituent Phases, simply select a Filter  (or multiple filters) on Process, Phase or Status and then select Refresh, view Complete, Incomplete or Both types of Constituent Phases.

        NOTE: The Complete, Incomplete and Both radio buttons are associated with the Process. The Process Complete button on the Add Constituent Phases window is selected only when the last phase of a process has been completed.

      The Constituent Phase panel of the Cultivation screen lists the various phases showing the Process, Phase, Constituent, Responsible person, Status, if a Process is Complete, the Start Date and Target End Date.  The Constituent Phase panel can be sorted on any of the columns shown. On this screen you may also Delete, Add, Copy and Edit Constituent Phases.


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