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    Cultivation Configuration

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      1. To configure Salsa CRM Cultivation to your needs, select Manage > Cultivation > Configure from the main menu.                                                                                                                                                                   
      2. The Salsa CRM Cultivation Configuration window opens. To add a Process select the Add button and the Add Process window open, enter a name for the Process and select Save.                                                                                                                                                           
      3. Select the Add button, the Add Phases window opens. The Sequence at the top of the window indicates the order of the Process in which this Phase occurs.                                                                                      
      4. Enter the Phase Name (it is recommended you enter a number in front of the Phase Name to make it easier to sort and identify your phases),  a numerical Phase Length and select the Phase Period (Days, Weeks, Months, Years) from the dropdown window.
      5. To use the Probability forecast, enter a numeric value to the phase.  For instance, if you know that after meeting with a potential funder there is a 60% probability that you will receive the funding requested, you would enter 60 in this field.  This figure, used in conjunction with Target amount of a Constituent phase, determines the potential income for a phase on the Salsa CRM Cultivation Report. This field is optional. 
      6. Select the Save button.  You will see the Phase has been added to the Process.  Continue entering Phases as necessary.  You may also Delete, Copy, Edit or Sort your Phases.
      7. When you have finished entering all of your Phases, select the Close button.  You are returned to the Salsa CRM Cultivation Configuration screen.
      8. By selecting the Configuration tab on this window, you can Add, Edit and Delete Cultivation Phase Status’ and Status Reasons.  These are used when working with a constituent in a Phase of a Cultivation Process.
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