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    Email Reports: Pledge Status Report

    In This Article:

      Email Reports allow you to run longer running reports that will be emailed, instead of displayed on your screen.  This functionality offers you the ease of running large reports in an efficient manner while being able to send them to multiple recipients.  Currently Salsa CRM offers one such report, the Pledge Status Report.

      The Pledge Status Report lists all pledges in your database and any payments, reversals or write-offs that occurred within the selected timeframe.

      1. To launch the Pledge Status Report, select Reports, Email Reports and then Pledge Status Report  from the menu.  The Pledge Status Report opens.
      2. Enter the Start and End Dates for which you would like to run the report.
      3. Next, enter the email address of the person to whom you would like to send the Pledge Status Report. TIP: You can enter multiple email addresses into this field by separating them with a comma. 
      4. Select the Run Report button.
      5. A Message window will appear stating that the report is running and to whom it will be sent.  Select the OK button. NOTE: Due to the time it can take to produce a report of this size, results will not be returned in Salsa CRM, rather the results are included in a .csv file as an attachment to the email which is sent at the time you select the Run Report button.
      6. The recipient receives the email.  The text of the email will note whether or not the report was completed and how many rows are returned in the results.
      7. Open or save the attachment. The PledgeStatusReport.csv file can be opened, and saved, in commercially available spreadsheet software. The Pledge Status Report results reflect payments made in the selected date range, however the report runs based on all of the pledges in your database.   
      8. 13 columns of data are returned in the Pledge Status Report. These columns are defined below:
          • Constituent Name: Name of the Donor and, if applicable, Co-Donor.
          • Pledge Date: Date of the original pledge.
          • Fund: Fund Name entered on the original pledge record.
          • Pledge Amount: Total pledge amount.
          • Beginning Balance: Reflects the total amount outstanding on the original pledge as of the selected Start Date.
          • Adjusted Count: Shows the number, or count, of any reversed payments that occurred prior to the selected Start Date
          • Adjusted Amount: Shows the amount of any reversed payments that occurred prior to the selected Start Date.
          • New Beginning Balance: Shows the beginning balance of the pledge as of the selected Start Date. This amount reflects any reversals or write-offs that occurred prior to the Start Date.
          • Payments: Shows the total amount paid on the original pledge in the selected timeframe.
          • Written Off: Shows the total amount of installments written off through the selected End Date.
          • Ending Balance: Shows the balance on the pledge as of the selected End Date.
          • Appeal: The Appeal that was assigned to the original pledge.
          • Campaign: The Campaign that was assigned to the original pledge.


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