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    Gifts Report: Pledge Reminder

    In This Article:

      The Pledge Reminder Report allows you to easily run a report based on outstanding or due pledge payments and makes sending pledge reminder letters a snap!  

      1. To open the Pledge Reminder Report select Reports > Gifts > Pledge Reminder from the main menu.
      2. The Pledge Reminder Report window opens.
      3. The timeframe of the Pledge Reminder Report is based on the gift received date. Select the timeframe by choosing one of the radio buttons and selecting the Go If you would like to specify a different timeframe, you may select the From/To radio button and enter the specific date range for which you are looking.  
      4. The Title field is automatically populated with your company’s name which you entered in Salsa CRM by selecting Manage > Configuration > General tab panel; you may also edit the Title You may add a Subtitle to your report. 
      5. The Exclude Deceased checkbox is selected by default to eliminate returning a deceased constituent’s pledge reminder. As long as you have entered a Deceased Date on the constituent’s record, this will ensure that a pledge reminder letter is not sent to the deceased constituent. 
      6. Selecting the Show Matching Payments option will display the Matching Donation Reminders due through the date range you have selected. This information is displayed at the bottom of the report and reflects the information of the constituent who is to make the matching gift. 
      7. By selecting the Include Links option, the Donor Name and Pledge Amount appear in the report as hyperlinks. When selected, these links will direct you to the constituent record or the donation record for the original pledge.
      8. You may also choose to filter on certain Funds, Campaigns, Appeals and Batches
      9. Once you have configured the report to meet your needs, select the Refresh button to return the Pledge Reminder Report

       TIP: The Pledge Reminder Report returns the results in order of the original pledge date.

      The example below show the pledge installments due for the month of November, 2016.  The report shows the pledge amount, the fund, the payment schedule, any amounts written off, amount paid, amount due, last payment amount, and last payment fund.

      To save the report, enter the file name in the text box at the bottom of the screen, select the file type from the drop-down menu (All Files, HTML, or Microsoft Excel Files.  Click the Save Report button.  


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