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    Built-In Word Processor: Configure

    In This Article:

      Salsa CRM gives each user the ability to configure their user options to use the built-in word processor. 

      Prior to working with the built-in word processor, you will need to configure your word processing options. To set up your word processing option, from the main Salsa CRM menu select Tools > Options, then click the Word Processing tab.  On this screen, select Open Salsa CRM's Word Processor and select the Save button.

      You may also specify your preferred default font for new word processing documents and label printing. The font you select using the Default Word Processing Font will be used in the Salsa CRM’s built-in word processor. This font will also be used as the default for Salsa CRM’s built-in Label Printing screens. NOTE: The font color does not carry-over to the built-in word processor.

      Once you have configured the built-in word processor, you are ready to start creating your thank you documents!

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